CK "Billet Pro" trans


CK made it around 2014 and has been trouble free.. no complaints here. The more power the car makes the more 1st gear becomes useless for me. Many of the contests i find my self in are from a roll. Always , i'm in second. Sometimes,we may be at 25-30mph and it kicks down and kills the tire. I always manual shift the car,,actually not sure on where it would shift by itself. I want to eliminate any chance of it kicking down into first. I feel my detent cable is adjusted properly and really dont want to start moving that cable adjustment. Is there a kickdown circuit in the v/body that can be eliminated, bypassed, whatever?
It seems i may have to go that route. I was hoping there was a known v/body bypass or a passage to block or? I'm sure Mr Husek will enlighten me when i call. I will report back findings at some point.