Shipping Questions


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Jul 12, 2003
OK... i am starting to get REAL frustrated... I am trying to ship my transmission. I have it on a pallet, ratchet strapped & covered in plastic. I have been to FEDEX and BAX Global [which are relatively close to my house] and both seem not to want to deal with it. BAX Global - wont ship for people -"ONLY Companies" FEDEX... has been giving me the run around b/c it is over 150lbs and on a pallet. I've gone to UPS's website and Yellow freights website. [both of which aren't convenient for me but HELL ive been trying to deal with this crap for almost 2 weeks].... well anyway the logistic companies' websites are pretty confusing so i am trying to figure out WHAT Companies does everybody use? how much does it usually cost? How do i set up/schedule shipping? please help.... i have been unable to drive my Buick for ~1+ months and it has taken a toll:frown: . I have a race coming up. it seems everytime i get enough money to do something to the car i get the mail and there's a stack of bills, or something happens to one of the cars, or something at the house breaks......sorry for the rant.

Just need help shipping a tranny........PLEASE. TIA
ooops WTF. how did i get in the political forum. Can someone move me to the lounge:eek:
Don't know how to move it for you. UPS Freight ships the palletized stuff not regular UPS. R&L Transfer is a good shipping company.
I used UPS. Trans without converter was less than 150 lbs. The woman at the UPS store acted kind of weird about it but I guess figured out that she could indeed ship it. It was on a small pallet strapped down and bagged. Turns out when I left they removed the pallet and just shipped it bagged.
Call Fed Ex Freight. They will get it there for you. FedEx Ground is unable to handle a palletized load.
Thanx for the input guys....

I wound up driving down to the local hub for YELLOW freight and they took care of me.... funny thing was NEXT DAY was cheaper than 2 Day.... by almost $71. So i was happy...[in a way] Mad i broke the thing - happy to finally have some sort of progress.

Back on track: Yellow Freight seemed pretty good - we will se when i track it tomorrow. Cant wait to get it back and drive my car:D