Shops that tune fast?


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May 28, 2001
Need to know if there are any places around Alberta that tune fast.Also need to know if a wideband O2 sensor can get clogged with carbon(from getting flooded,not by me) and if it is possible to clean it up using something like brake cleaner.thanks.
DO NOT USE ANY SOLVENTS ON YOUR O2 SENSOR! The exhaust heat will burn off anything that shouldn't be there. They are always black after they have been used.

Sorry, can't help with FAST tuners in Alberta.

The vast majority of failed O2 sensors I have seen here are due to being blacked out, much like a spark plug gets blacked out. If you run them very rich for a decent period of time, they will become very sooty appearing and this tends to reduce their life expectency dramatically. If everything is "by the book", the O2 sensor should be a gray or a tan color after it is run.

Like Butch said, you probably shouldn't clean the sensor with any type of solvent. It's not really a good idea to expose the sensor to a bunch of chemicals it wasn't designed to be exposed to. I've talked to many people who have tried this on a sensor that appeared to be dead and it has never once worked to my knowledge.
Give Chris Hines a call at Pro Dyno in Tempe AZ, his tuner Wayne Bauer is awesome. They will be tuning my new engine here in a few months.