shorter seat rails/brackets for stock seats for tall people? 10 point cage close to head..


Jan 24, 2010
recently finished the 10 point cage in my car and when i sit in it with helmet im right on the bar just about. being a little over 6'5" is brutal sometimes lol. i have looked and researched all options and cant seem to find what i want to almost to the point of having soeone cut the stock brackets to lower it 3/4" or so. can i get a set of kirkey seat mounts and drill some holes to adapt them? i have non power seats in the car and would like to keep teh stock seats at the moment. let me know my options out there guys, thanks.
While I dont have a cage I am over 6'5" and have the same concerns, this year Im going to pull the seats, and have a look, to see if I can get the seat to go back further and lower.
i can only go so far back with the cage im just more concerned with head room..the bars are up tight but only so much room when your our height lol. hoping someone can chime in on some tricks that have been done