Sightings thread


No can......can
Aug 1, 2004
German I don't know who the grey flames GN is, but I Seen a GN behind me the other morning getting on the 64, it had an 86 Grill with no 3rd brake light in back window, anyone we know?.......
LOL,you guys are funny. There are certainly other GN's TR around here that we don't know of.....yet!:) One of my old GN's...a T top lives 5 minutes from me,he doesn't do the net.

OK this morning I took a different route to get in to the hospital and decided to use the back gate. Well, guess what? the person that owns the mysterious Buick lives right outside of the Hospital. He wasn't there (I think) so I took a closer look... Well it's a 2 tone vehicle with dark gray flames. I believe is a NA Buick and he just customized it. I believe he's Navy. as a matter of a fact, he might be in the aviation field as well. He has a phrase on the rear window that says "Beware of the rotors while moving" something like that. Anyhow, it looks nice... So maybe one day I'll get to meet him. I hope I didn't sound like a stalker, no need for that!! :)