Silicone Question

Papa John

New Member
Feb 11, 2002
Ok guys, I have a dumb question here. What are the differences between the gasket maker colors? I have a "super blue" versa crem gasket maker, and I was about to install the new waterpump and thermostat, but I noticed the old gasket sealer was red. I asked the people at the store what the differences were, and they said it was just color. Is this true?
OK, I worked for Loctite for 8 yrs. We would get in clear silicone in a round 40 foot tanker from Dow chemical. Pump it to the filling machines and add a color pigment, white, red, blue, black. These are the shiny colored silicones. The ultra silicones that Loctite makes can withstand higher temps, ultra grey, ultra copper, ultra black, these are the dull colored silicones. I prefer the ultras myself anytime I do any sealing. Hope I answered your question.
Tarey D.
Great answer to your question, but Buick never used silicone on the water pump gasket or thermostat housing on these engines.