Silver T Type my new toy


Dec 11, 2005
This is my 1987 LIMITED car that I bought from a member here about 1 year ago, I have redone almost everything , the car is a real Limited that had a column shift and had leather bench seats that I changed out to a T type interior, it runs on e-85 and should run 10,s just about to take it to the track I bought this as I missed my Stage 2 GN that i sold to Firechaser a member here


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E-85 , Ported irons, 206 Roller , 120#injectors, new Hartline 6776 CIA Turbo,Turbo Tweak Wideband chip, 9" non lock up , Razors Alky not really using alky with E-85 though, Stock crank and rods just a fresh rebuild
Love the silver bumpers, the wheels and seats. Beautiful car! What are the seats out of ?

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You realize it's almost a clone to your old car in Silver :)....rims, trash can up front, Lear seats. I had a feeling the day i bought your GN you shouldn't of sold it! Looks awesome, love the silver. Guess my car has a sister now.
Look familiar :) Here's the T's big has the trash can in the front, just cant see it!
yea its a clone of the Gn I still regret it but its all good... the Gn still looks great and I am glad it went to a good home , I still want you to make a 9 second pass with that car .
Hmm, so your old GN hasn't seen nine seconds yet...? :D

Cage goes in this January...I will gladly post up the 9 second slip :) this car will Easily go in the 9's...she's just been sleeping for a bit because it's so pretty I held off on the cage for a bit.
Their just hot! I'll be hitting you up soon for the 3.5" DP...I'm the guy who emailed you :)
One more question: the rear tires are 295/55/15s, right? What did you have to do to get them to fit? What size/bs rims do you have? Thank you.