Site Screen Background Color


Tall Unvaccinated Chinese Guy
At one time :whistle: . . . I changed the site background color to gray for better visibility.
My old age and eyes do not allow me to find "How to" revert back to white. :cigar:
Any pointers?
i didn't know you could change it... i've been looking at stupid dull gray with stupid white letters and yellow buttons with unreadable white letters since they got the new software..
Firefox - from the menu bar - TOOLS > OPTIONS > GENERAL > COLORS > change background color, click always, click ok. This will change background for every web site but easy to on/off.
Internet Explorer - from the menu bar - TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > COLORS (on first page), uncheck 'Use Windows Colors', pick your background (or whatever) color, click ok.

you can use this to change background, text, etc. colors. You may need to change back for other web sites but very easy to do.