slow spool up on my 84 vs the 87


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May 31, 2001
After all these mods, my 84 doesn't respond very quick. It takes awhile to get the boost up. It does seem like the arm on the waste gate is screwed out pretty far. I just got an 87 that is stock and not tuned very well. The first 1/4 to 1/2 of the gas pedal, it responds immediately and breaks the tires loose and accerates impressively. The 84 is weak until the boost gets up, more the 2nd half of the pedal, then it pulls real hard. I have to power break and get the boost up to get the peg leg 84 to spin. Any advice? Is it the wastegate? Do I burn a new chip, now that I will make the switch to 87 ecm?
Pull the wastegate arm off the puck lever--you SHOULD need a tight grip with some pliers or visegrips to remove it and get it back on! Just going from memory here, but you should have to pull the arm about 1/4" to get it back on the lever.

If the arm appears okay, then check for cracked headers, that'll slow down boost.

Is it possible your cat's plugged? Wastegate puck sealing okay? Turbo spinning freely?
You might have problems with the car. But mine felt the same way until I moved the throttlebody to after the turbo. The part throttle response and spool up was a night and day difference and the car felt much more like an 86-87 car.
My headers are new with new gaskets. I'm pretty sure I got all the leaks sealed. When I first start it, it has a ticking sound, but not real metallic sounding(possible exhaust leak??). When I put the new turbo on (ta-33) and with the postons chip. the boost went sky high. I had to back it off soo much to keep it from knocking. I put race full in and I can hit about 17 pounds and no knock, but I've adjusted the waste gate so far that the initial spool up is slow. If I shorten,I have quick spool but too high boost. Does this help any?
It can only be moved if the car has an intercooler kit on it. It's very simple actually. I do have pictures but I doubt they would help out much.
dude there is only one intercooler kit which has a blow thru tb (tm) you don't list it in your sig?
actuall, he has a custom front mount ford intercooler (the FMIC in his sig)

I would link you to his picture site, but it seems to be down.
Originally posted by Mike70gtx
If I shorten,I have quick spool but too high boost. Does this help any?

Ok, so the real problem is over-boost! Makes for a totally different diagnosis! ;)

How are your hoses from the turbine housing to the WG and WG solenoid? If they're leaking the least little bit, the wastegate won't open far enough to regulate boost. If you're getting 17psi with the arm so loose the puck isn't tight in the first place, I'm betting something's up with the WG. Pressure test it, and check your hoses.
Hey guys,
I think I figured it out. It looks like it was one of the basics that I overlooked. My wastegate actuator seems to be leaking, probably not working at all. I can blow and suck air through it. So it is adjusted so far open that the puck is not even closed at idle. And when the rpm's get up it probably blows the gate open as far as the arm allows. Thanks for the advice.