Sluggish starter after warm up


Nov 6, 2013
I recently changed the starter for a reman one. Now this one turns the engine slowly when the engine is warm.

Voltage and batt are ok.

Car starts fine when cold

Any ideas?

Starter insulation?
Check your starter cable for looseness or corrosion. When it's cool(ambient) it will supply the needed current, but after a cranking session, the cable heats up and can create a high resistance in the copper wire, starving the starter of voltage and causing it to over heat due to higher current draw.
The factory type starters from autozone are good replacements and work well as long as the wiring is good on your car. It is $45.00 plus $15.00 core charge and comes with a lifetime warranty the only real drawback is it weighs 19 lbs just like the factory one.

Or you could do like i did and buy a mini starter off ebay for $58.00 shipped and it weighs less than 9 lbs. The one i bought has been in use for 3 years and still works like a champ.