SMC Alki pump surging

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Had the hood up the other day to refill the akli tank,I decided to jump out the hobbs switch to test it and heard the pump in the Alki tank surging ,is this normal.I also have the Potentiomiter in the control box turned up all the way with a larger fuse.

Should this surge or have a constant PSI
I would talk to Steve about this. If you want, hot wire it, (alligator clips, to the tank connection) , that will cut your 'search area' in half....

But, better talk to Steve about it first. I don't know if it makes any difference, but you might want to observe polarity, and I don't remember which is positive there, at the tank connection.

Some bad wiring, or connection could be the cause. Or a bad pump motor, of course. Shouldn't surge, that's a very bad sign. I wouldn't want to see it quit on you in the middle of a blast...;(

Give Steve a call first, that's the best route....