SMC kit broken. Need help!


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The hose that attaches to the fuel pump on one end and the brass elbow on the other end came off the brass elbow. In other words the assembly fell down into the tank, and I need to reattach it to the brass fitting that goes through the bottle. I need to know the easy way to reattach this, and or I need steves phone #.
Most likely if you send it back to him he will upgrade it to the all brass fittings from the tank to the pump.

Fixed mine that way, no charge. Send him an email.
Thanks, but I need to fix it now. I'm going to the track on tuesday to show these boys what alky can do. All I need to do is reattach the clear hose inside the tank to the brass fitting inside the tank that goes through the bottle and attaches to the braided line. It looks as though the hose clamp wasn't tight enough.
I'd wait for the repair/upgrade unless you have a no flow safety switch or a KR triggered boost controller.

Just my .02, I couldn't get any real tools in there.
"We can fix it, my dad is a tv repairman, and has this awsome set of tools." I fixed it. I took the brass fitting off the bottle dropped it down into the tank and out, brought the pump assembly up through the top of the bottle just enough to reattach the hose clamp. I dropped the whole assembly back in screwed it together and was done. I think I have the latest kit. It is about 6 months old, has the braided line, and brass fittings.
Looked at my new kit for the GN today. All brass all the way to the pump from the top fitting. No hose at all.

When you get done racing I'd email Steve so he can retrofit it to the all brass design. At least see what he has to say. :)
Thanks salvage.

I have a clear reinforced tube that goes from the brass fitting that goes through the bottle to the fuel pump. Somehow it got disconnected at the brass fitting. I don't know how it happend since it was at the buick dealership when it happend. It seems odd since there is almost no way for it to fall off. Even if the pump dropped to the bottom of the tank there is still at least 1/2" of overlap. It seems as though someone tried to pull the pump off.