SMC "spray light" is constantly on

Black Power

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Ok, I had a bent valve, so I pulled the heads off, put a set of GN1s on, and put the car back together. Now the on the control box of my SMC (progressive kit), the spray light is constantly on, even though I have the knob turned to start spraying around 9psi.

I don't think it is spraying when boost hits, because I just drove it and hit about 15psi, it pulled like mad but when I looked at the scanmaster it was saying 02s were in the high 400 range or low 500 range :eek::eek::eek:

No knock though.

I have it filled up with washer fluid at the time, gonna put some denatured in it if I can get it to work properly.

Wideband was saying about 13:1, so it's really running lean.

Any clue as to what it could be?