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Jul 20, 2001
Sacramento, CA
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Bruce has asked if I would assist in answering smog test issues. I met
Bruce when I signed up for the board along with many others that have been
a great help in maintaining my GN. So to Bruce, I am flattered by such an
offer and undertaking. And graciously accept this as an honor. I have
maintained a California Smog Technician license since 1985. I'm ASE
certified in Advanced Engine Performance, Automobile Electrical, Engine
Repair and Light Vehicles Compressed Natural Gas. I have a decent
understanding of most smog testing equipment. I have been trained to
operate two-speed-idle analyzers, ASM analyzers (currently used in CA, NJ
and many other states). Additionally, I received training on a full blown
lab grade emissions analyzer (the type used for the Federal Test Procedure;
this analyzer is also used in I/M 240 test).
I will try to answer questions that will help you pass and maybe explain
some of the theories if warranted. I cannot provide advice on installing
parts that are not CARB approved. Additionally, I won't comment on clean
piping or clean screening (of OBD II vehicles). Besides, posting about
clean piping on a public forum seems IMHO unwise (you just don't know who's
looking). If you want to talk about equipment, catalyst testing, O2 or TPS testing,
or stoichiometry, I'm all ears and will try to contribute. Some of my shortcomings is that I
understand very little about chip burning, fuel mapping and compressor
mapping, but I'm sure there are plenty on the board that can help.
When posting about failing emissions, please try to provide as much info as
possible, even the readings of the passing emissions and emissions not
tested (such as O2 and CO2). This helps me and others to look at the whole
emissions picture. Example: HC=600ppm, CO=.01%, CO2= 13% and O2=3%. To me
the readings look lean and I may ask that you address fueling issues first
and ignore ignition issues. But it does let me look at all the emissions.

So I welcome the opportunity to help and serve the TB.Com community
Not open for further replies.
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