Smoke from exh, air psi for valve spring change and turbo center section questions


Hey all,
First, my 85 has been sitting for about 5 years with no street miles, only idling in the garge once or twice a month. I've got a big problem with the car smoking at all times. The smoke is white, and does not stay. It's like the smoke that comes from a car when you run it in cold weather. I need help trying to figure out the problem! I know the sings of buring oil and antifreeze, but this has me beat. The smoke isn't blue, and does not last!
I've got new valve springs on the way and I will replace the valve seals at the same time. I'm hoping the seals are the problem. I need to know what air pressure I should use to load my engine up to for a valve spring change? Thru the spark plug holes of course.
I also plan to change the center section of my turbo in case the turbo seals are gone. Any suggestions for a good vendor that sells new center sections for our 84-85's?

I suspect the turbo charger is throwing oil into the intake. This can be caused by a pressurized block or a plugged turbo oil drain tube. Brad
White Smoke

White smoke is water vapor, probably nothing wrong, the exhaust probably has condensation in it from sitting. Blue smoke is oil, black smoke gas, white smoke water...
When the turbocharger is throwing oil into the intake is comes out white! I know for a fact because I lost three new turbochargers due to a pressurized block and the smoke screen it leaves is impressive. Traffic behind me could not see through it, Brad
A pressurized block is when the crankcase can't vent to the air outside. When this happens the turbo oil cannot drain into the lifter valley and is thrown into the intake. The stock oil fill setup caused mine. I bought an new oil fill tube from Poston and solved the problem. The stock cap became plugged up with oil. Poor design. A plugged up oil drain tube can cause the same problem. Brad