Smoke tested upper engine


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On my seemingly eternal struggle to find an oil/exhaust smell I put a smoke machine into my open breather tube. At first I had a small leak at a connection, I fixed that and now I noticed that I had a pretty substantial leak coming from the oil dipstick tube at the dipstick. I don't think that is normal. Should I have any smoke anywhere?? The smoke has to go somewhere, no???

And just to clarify I have both valve covers open, connected to a hose via AN fittings and hoses and the both hoses lead to a Moroso catch can and the can then leads into a 1" hose that I put at the driver's side wheelwell. Reason I did this was because the open breathers on both valve covers were getting too much oil in them.
The fumes should be recirculated thru the PCV system.
No PCV then a catch can system with vac/PCV action should do away with the stink.
Mighty Mouse has the systems I use.
NOT CHEAP.. They just work.
If your engine is looser than a hooker's heart, no system is going to do much. ;)