Snap Crackle Pop...


Last night I took the GN out for a quick spin. I stopped at the local traffic light when a couple kids in a 2 door Acura pulled up next to me and started reving and farting at me. I had no choice but waited for the light to turn green and nailed it. Lots-o-fun... From a dead stop to a 35MPH roll-on, the GN Hooked, boosted and ran well. However, the 3rd time I hit the gas she backfired on me and the SES light came on. I thought it stalled but it didn't, and now it's running really rough. So I limped it home, parked it and had a beer. Then this morning, I tried to start it but I noticed the Tach needle doesn't move. It cranks but doesn't start...

Did the Crank sensor take a hike during my last run and the GN went into "Limp-Home" mode? or was it the Cam sensor?

The ScanMaster was stolen so I'm flying blind right now...

BTW-The kids in the Acura didn't see my mishap. I was to far ahead of them...:D
engine cannot run without a crank sensor, no way, no how.

If a cam sensor fails, the engine will keep running, and set a code. But will not restart.