Something really really wierd happend...


Feb 8, 2004
Ok I had a problem with the washer on my harmonic balancer, so last night I went a got one off a buddy's 86 GN. Well everything was good until we took the bolt and washer off that car and tried to put it on my car. The bolt is too big to fit my crank, but you would think that it wouldnt be, since they are the same car right? I have a bolt that fits but is significantly smaller and longer, yet the washer for that one rest on the outer lip of the balancer, and the hole on the other washer is way too big for that bolt. I am freaked out because even though his was an 86 and mine is a 87 shouldnt the bolts bet the same? Shouldnt the crank threads and all be the same? I am starting to think either the crank had been changed out, or I am dealing with a different motor all together. Please help me figure this out!
That does not appear to be a factory 87 3.8 balancer bolt. What does the bolt hole in the crank look like? Any funky machine work? If not, you may have a different crankshaft.
There is only one size of bolt it could be. They never used anything smaller than 3/4-16 X 1 3/8". Slide your balancer off and double check everything. Why are you replacing the bolt and washer? Did you screw something up or something totally different?
I bought the car with the engine torn down and am piecing it together, it was torn donw to a long block. I am leaning towards a different crank that is in the car.