SONY KLV-S32A10 32" BRAVIA FLAT PANEL LCD TV Any one own this TV?


May 25, 2001
I was wanting to get any feed back on this brand\style. I was thinking about purchasing it.

I am looking in the 32-34" range under 1900$.
someone has robbed a bank . on a side note we have philips flat screen at work in tammy's office. it's nice and all since it hangs on the wall but the picture quality is not like a true glass screen. it kinda looks like a jpg pic that you have zoomed in to far on and you can see the dit mations of colors.

on a normal TV you have 128 lines of resolution no matter if it's a 13" or 32" so the spacing gets wider on the larger TV's . i think that they double it on the high dif tv's but you got to have a high dif input to make use of it.

call me and you can come by the shop and look at the philips and the picture quality before you spend that kinda money.