Soundgarden's Chris Cornell gone at 52

Guy could crack glass, rip. Eddies' the only one left....going to see Metallica tomorrow be interesting to see if they say a couple words about him.
Re-listening to some of his discography the songs are now just that much sadder. Fell on Black Days and Like a Stone have a heavier meaning to them now.
He was definitely a good song writer. Gotta wonder what drove him to do what he did. Sad anyways...
Another brilliant musician gone for good. Really sucks and pisses me off.....only wish he had his head on straight before doing such a foolish much talent....jeez. Such a shame. Life goes on no matter what, but things like this hurts.

The only time people ever what to commit suicide is when I play the guitar so I thought he may have heard me at some music store last month....and I was kicked out for playing "Stairway to Heaven."

R.I.P, Chris. So sorry for you. This really sucks.

Bruce '87 Grand National
If he did this, and by what we know so far, that appears to be the case. A couple key factors that are true is that he did suffer from depression, and he was on a powerful Benzodiazepine known a Ativan. These are very powerful benzos, and a statement by his wife indicated he was slurring his words, and may have taken an extra dose. He may have been on other psychic meds as well and we'll probably never know.
Psychotropic drugs of this caliber can be very dangerous, especially when combined with others like opioids. Both physically and emotionally. Dr's of the legal nature are often all too quick to script these meds, as we read about these sad cases time and time again. But that's ok cause their Dr's and they know better.

RIP Chris, you WILL be dearly missed.
R.I.P now!
Very talented but there was something that he couldn't cope with or didn't know where to look for help with.

Maybe he will find the peace that he couldn't find in life.