spark plug wires?


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Does MSD or Taylor or any other aftermarket company make a nice set of plug wires for a 84-85? If not I can make my own but I was just wondering. Thanks guys
SUmmit, try looking up the model, engine etc. should have a few picks to choose from. Some say stock is good, others MSD or taylor up to the owner/mods i guess;)
Oreilly's just started carring MSD street wires 8mm get the ones with straight boots I think they are part# 5141 you have to cut to lenght and crimp, but they come with the crimper/cutter and simple instructions. They sell around $45 or $50 bucks
I have done alot of research on wires and ultimately determined there is alot of crap out on the market that look good but offer terrible resistance. The problem with the 84/85 cars is the passenger side of the car gets so hot with all the turbo exhaust it is murder on the wires. I have a set available of 10MM Racing Wires for the 84/85's. They are 10MM pure double silicone and near the spark plug portion of the wire there is a high heat wrap to protect them. They have less resistance than most wires on the market as well!


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herb. do they come in black? how long will you have these for sale? i might have to by a few pairs if your not going to have them for to long. black. Can get them in Yellow and Blue. Only had 1 prototype set of wires made for the Hot-Air cars. If there is an interest more sets can be made. A few 86-87 guys are using them. Due to the low resistance of the wires alot of C6 Z06 owners and Supra owners are using them. Should have them available for a while. They are made in the USA.

Here is a picture of what the Blue set would look like:


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herb, if you can get some made in black for the hotair cars i will buy at least 2 sets from you. not sure if anyone else is looking for some.
I will be interested in getting some. Need to finish paying for the projects i have gotten already though. for an 85 that is stock except for the upgrade of the 87 electronics and a cold air kit, which plugs would be best in this car? Still running original boost, not planning on modifying it. Anyone that has done research on hot air's your help would be appreciated.
Cool. Thanks. My Mr-2's i run bosh, but i knew that wouldnt fly with this, and wasnt sure if stock AC's would be better or not.