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May 25, 2001
On my way home from work I sit in a double left turn lane which turns onto a 2 lane section of road that is straight for maybe 500 - 600 feet and then arcs right and drops to one lane. I always sit in the right hand of the two turn lanes if I can and go around everyone else and leave them all behind. Tonight I pull up behind an Audi S4, the guy's plate says "S FOUR" The arrow goes green and he leaves slowly with me behind him. He waits and suddenly nails it. I was now in second gear, I hit it as well and walk right up behind him, signal left, pass him, and drive right on by. All this was accomplished before coming to the curve. He didn't look happy about it. Once I got home I looked them up, they are 2.7 litre twin turbos at 250 hp and they weigh almost 3600 pounds which was a shocker. The best part is my car is nearly silent, I just whooshed on by. I also realized that this guy once did the same thing to me when I was in my N/A Bonneville. That time he walked past me. I had always wondered what would have happened if I had been in my Buick. Now I know.:cool:
Good kill BJM

To tell u the truth I really like the Audi S4 and I heard with just a chip and filter they are running like mid to low 13's and they've gotta be a fun car with AWD and turbo power.... It's the price that really scares me though... I think they go for like $54,000:eek: I like the look of the car and the performance, but that's just too much money to shell out for a car that only runs 13's IMO.
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It's the price that really scares me though... I think they go for like $54,000:eek:

Still too much IMO, but the Subaru WRX Sti will be coming to America soon with 280hp and AWD and they should run mid to low 13's stock and will sell for about $30,000... Better bang for the buck:cool:
i raced one and i was in shock. from a 20 roll i looked at him and he looked at me and laughed and pined it. i jumped on it and i ever so slowly pulled in front of him. (running 11psi)

Maybe that's what I ran against the other day. First was from a light. I rolled off easy in the left lane, he was in the center. I heard him opening up, and he suddenly started pulling ahead. Going to WOT, I quickly jumped out ahead of him, with a nice 1-2 chirp as I went by. But further up ahead @50mph, he motions he wants to go again. I let him get the jump and he gets @ 2 lengths while I was spoolin up. Seemed like I was slowly starting to reel him in, me in left lane, him in right lane (2 lanes, now) but there was a car in the left lane up ahead, so I backed off a little so he'd have plenty of room to change lanes ahead of me. Went back to WOT and didn't seem to gain or lose at all this time.

At least he was better than the S2000 I raced the other day!:D
Just watch them from a dead stop if you don't have stickies - they're AWD. If the driver is smart, s/he'll wind the turbo up against the brakes and launch it like a slingshot. If you break traction off the line you'll be playing catch up in a hurry.

I ran one in the 'Phoon from a light. I beat it off the line, and from a roll a couple of times - but not by much. I would think most TRs would easily mop it up from any MPH roll.

I was also unwittingly goofing around with a WRX on the highway last week, too. I was passing up traffic in the right lane (in the GN) and when I went to cut back left, there was a WRX at my left 1/4 - hiding in my blind spot. I wasn't really on it - just enough to get ahead of the line of cars - he was at the head of the pack and nailed it when he saw me coming. Just a bit more throttle and he was toast. It would be a lot more interesting from a stop, though, 'cause they're AWD too.