speed pro for Camaro



This is the most professional web site I have seen. Everybody has good questions, and are quick to try to help. Well anyway, with that said I was curious if anyone has a timing map and fuel map that they could e-mail me that would help get me a bit closer with the tuning of my car. I have 50LBS injectors, a 355 with about 16lbs of boost, it made 506 rwhp with ten lbs. I know that I will have to tune it in myself, but that would at least get me a bit closer to start. About how much total timing should I run and be safe, I dont have the knock sensor option, I was told it wouldnt be worth it. I only run 110 octane gas. Thanks again.

What make injectors are you running? What MAP sensor? Is it intercooled?

The engine is a 355, 9.2-1 compression. It has the mopar performance 52 lbs injectors,(rated at 55psi) GM 2 bar map sensor, it does not have an inter or aftercooler yet, (i know:eek: )it pulls 13inches at idle, the cam specs are 224/230 480/499 with 114 lobe sep. it has 1.6 rockers so those specs are a little diff. I will be happy to pay for any help you would be willing to offer.

Hope someone can help me out. I would be happy the pay for any help. :rolleyes:
What motor are you running LT1, L98? What heads are on the car, aluminum, cast?
It is a LT1, it has ported stock aluminum heads, they where CNC ported. Thanks:D