Speed Sensor not working


could no longer take the squeaking sound from the speedo, so i have disconnected the cable until i can dig into the assembly to fix that problem.

therefore, the vehicle speed sensor is not functioning either. is there a downside or danger to no VSS? thx.
I think some chips use MPH to determine the cutoff point for 1st gear fueling. And also when to lock up the converter during cruising (usually 45 MPH for Erics chip). What chip are you running? If it's a turbotweak, I'd contact Eric and run it past him.
i had also disconnect my cable from the transmission since i could not get my 2 peice speedo seperated. i would also like to know the downside, i have TT chip
Yes, i have a TT chip. so far the only noticed issues are ECM has code 24 (expected - no VSS) and check engine light comes on after driving 10 min.
There is some "knock ignore" programming in the chip that will get confused if you have no VSS signal. It may ignore knock when you don't want it to. Also, the chip may stay in low gear timing all the time, which can cause knock.
I would try to stay out of full throttle until you get it fixed, or I can make some changes to the chip.