Spending a long weekend @ Virginia Beach...


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May 26, 2001
...with the wife and kids, a couple weeks from now. Any recommendations on a hotel to stay at, places to eat, and things to do?


Hampton Inn...can't go wrong with them, overall best service by a hotel (in our opinion anyways).
If you don't want to stay right on the beach, there's a Hampton on rt. 17 in Portsmouth, just East of the rt 17- rt 135 (College Dr) intersection, personally have stayed there before. If you plan to stay near the beach, there's a slew of hotels along Shore Dr./Atlantic Ave. (the road parallels the beach front). for a reasonably priced meal, where they give you a good amount of food, there's a place called Paradock's in Chesapeake right in the same complex as the Chesapeake Square Mall. If you're into diner's, going South on 664, take the Portsmouth Blvd exit and head West towards Suffolk, at the intersection of Portsmouth Blvd and Jolliff Rd, on the right is a small town diner. While you're out that way, for a nice enjoyable drive, continue heading west on 337 and drive through Suffolk. There's a small..make that tiny town called Driver, right where 337 (Portsmouth Blvd) veers to the left, stay straight to rt 125, it's a sort of nostalgic town, but blink and you'll miss it...I mean that. Also, Driver is the town that was nearly leveled by the tornado's down there slightly over a year ago, you may have heard it in the news. There's some hot dog/sausage joints, LuLu's and Perfectly Frank, that are decent. Hope you're not planning to spend most of the time at the beach, the water is definitely not warm enough yet. The Zoo in Norfolk is pretty cool, I know someone who works there, they have events all the time. Downtown Portsmouth is very interesting, sort of Historical, and there's a Ferry that runs across the River to Norfolk. Over there in Norfolk is Macarthur mall, which is fairly large, and pretty cool historical/naval museum and you can tour an old ship
....I'm running out of immediate ideas. If I remember more, I'll reply again.

Me, too

Stay on the oceanfront. Prices should be good before all the tourists get here.
Plenty of great restaurants with good seafood, especially the locally caught fish.
Best beach area is to the south, Sandbridge. Nice and quiet, until the jets from Oceana fly by.
If you want a nice place (expensive), the Hilton rocks. They have a VERY nice eatery, Catch 31 there. The Turtle Cay has some nice suites with gas fireplaces, but only an outdoor pool. If you don't have to be on the ocean, there are many less expensive places a few minutes away. A little known locals fav for seafood is the Beach Pub on Laskin rd. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but great food and better portions....and kid friendly too.

Let me know what foods you prefer and I can point ya in the right direction.

There is a family fun place called Motoworld near the beach that has many fun family things to do. Welcome to Motor World Virginia Beach Home of Splat Zone Paintball

The Marine Science Museum is good family fun too. Check out Nauticus, that is about 25 minutes from the oceanfront.
turbota633, just to let you know, Paradocks is no longer there, and the diner(Cosmo's) is gone also. But, Driver is still there, with all but one of the buildings being repaired from the tornado damage.
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Thanks Steve
Geez...has it really been that long since I moved away from there?? I guess it was late Fall of '07 when I left, I suppose a lot can happen in a year and a half.

Paradock's is there, it just moved...well, that's what I'm told anyways. Didn't know about the diner(Cosmo's)!

The tornado completely leveled one of the buildings, that's the one I'm assuming you refer to as not restored.

So, what's wrong with the car, what's it doing wrong that makes you say it's acting up?? Also, you might want to list the mod's you have so that the guys know what you've got. Also, do you have (at the least) a scanmaster, or Direct Scan..Turbo Link?? Without a scan tool, it will be harder to diagnose a problem, not to mention tuning with a blind eye.
Paradocks did move to an area called Harbor View. One of the General store's hasn't been rebuilt.
My two favorite seafood places..The Lynnhaven fish house is on the water with a beautiful view and great food...Captain Georges is a buffet that is very good..The Sports bar ; Just Georges is attached to the same building and has moderately priced dishes also..I eat there twice a week and watch the games..

Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

Lynnhaven Fish House Restuarant

We had a pretty good time this past weekend. All the short rain spurts kinda reminded us of Fla. We ate @ Captain George's Saturday night. People kept looking at me everytime I made as trip back up to the buffet for more crablegs... :biggrin: