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What are your thoughts

Better 60's?



Just wondering if anyone is running them.I have yet to see what mine is all about.

Heard it rides like crap on the street. Will send a bunch of vibration though the car kinda like solid motor mounts or tranny mount but thats not my experience just word of mouth.
Originally posted by TTA89
Will send a bunch of vibration though the car kinda like solid motor mounts or tranny mount but thats not my experience just word of mouth.

I don't know if I am happy to hear that or not:confused:

That is the reason my car didn't make it out at the end of the year,I had/have a terrible vibration which we tracked down to the crossmember/Torque arm.

The car was finished new motor/KTRE 12 bolt rear/Torque arm/LCA's/PA K-member. So we had no idea where this was coming from,The motor was done at a different Machine shop so we thought the balance was out for a long time/This was about October,Just kinda gave up on it,Had other cars to see run.

Started messing with it later.Found out it had to be crossmember,I have the Spherical rod ends on torque arm and LCA's too!I don't know what to do now.I guess It has to be ,or I could get the poly mounts .I don't know.Who has the torque arm,Or have you just heard about this through the grapevine?


Here is the Spohn link:
SPOHN Performance :confused:
I know a guy that runs a 85 Iroc, Its a daily driven street car with a Turbo V8. It has run high 9s and 60fts in the high 1.3s. He uses a stock Torque arm if that tells you anything.

I have been in a few cars with Poly mounts and think they suck.

Anyways, Steve Seldon who I think is selling his TTA so he probably doesnt check the board anymore bought one for his car. It only has 7K miles on it and he told me that he drove it around the block and took it back out due to the crappy ride it gave. This is on a car that doesnt get driven.

Why do you need an aftermarket Torque arm anyways? Whats that supposed to do?

Are you on the TTA email list? I know a couple guys on there have it.
I have the Spohn unit with poly mounted torque arm. The spherical mount will give you a lot more vibration.

Not saying the stock stuff doesn't work,..but it's not the best design. The rubber torque arm mount can flex under hard accelleration causing your pinion angle to change.

The main reason I went with one was at the same time I was swapping to a Moser Ford 9" rear and I wanted to make sure I had a way to adjust any misaligned pinion angle. When I first put it on, I also put on a poly trannsmission mount. Drove it like that for a day. The vibrations were horrible. The whole car would shake when accellerating. The next day I went to Autozone and got a stock rubber tranny mount. Put that on and the car is back to being a smooth as a stocker.

Is it stronger than the stocker? Yes. Does it improve your 60ft times? Dunno. Nobody has yet to do a back to back comparison that I know of. If you're going for consistancy, I would think it would be better than the stock, b/c there will be little to no play or flex under load like the stocker and you have the ability to fine tune the suspension for the best launches. This would come in handy if your were racing a particular class that had a limit on tire type or size.
Originally posted by TTA89

Why do you need an aftermarket Torque arm anyways? Whats that supposed to do?

Well ,as Robert said below,I was going to a different rear end,and I wanted to make sure eveything was going to stay together,My car had a welded torque arm on it already.I also like the crossmember 1 piece easy install.Even though it seems like it's gonna be bottoming out on driveways,and other obstructions

The previous owner had it break on him while driving it home from Atlanta,where he bought it in 94'.

I've seen a few 9 sec Camaro's all stock rears,I really didn't want that thing to break again on me at the track.

I am a member of the TTA list also.

I just got an E-mail from Spohn that says if it's vibrating the pinion angle must be off,To check it again.It hasn't been set yet.rear end isn't broke in yet either.

If you are runing the stock torqe arm I would keep an eye on it. It may start to twist. You can box the stock arm it works great. I have run the Random Tech unit, adjustable rod ends for pinion angle and poly front mount. The stock clam shell front mount aways worries me. I put a poly tranny mount in my TTA years ago, the car shaked at idle, I put the stock one back in. The V6 is externally balanced and naturally viberates some (i.e. it was designed that way).

i have a random tech arm in my car and have no problems and its a nice piece and it wont change your instant centers and i like the oem placement and your not going to rip out the oem mounting bracket

My TTA uses the stock suspension parts and lives.I have 1.4 60' times every pass off the "BRAKE" I only broke the clam shell mounting part once.I guess im treading on thin ice.I like the BMR piece.Anyone using it???
I put a stock mount back in it and it works fine now,Hard to believe that $8.99 kept me from running it last year,Put the 72#r's in tonite.

Runs like a top

55#r's and a TTA ATR intake pipe 4 sale in the parts section

Torque armz

Thanx for the kind words on the RANDOM TECH. arm. I build them here in my shop. Dave Emanuel and I designed it when we saw the increase in traction some NHRA stockers were getting from a modified stock arm. [Until recently, NHRA did not allow the aftermkt stuff on stockers]
Look at the website. www.randomtechnology.com . The entire line of suspension stuff is there.:cool:

back to makin torque armz!!:D
PS: We have had ZERO failures to date.:cool:
how in the hell do you people keep the stock trans mount intact with the type of hp and boost your running?

i used to break them one right after another with my 330 ft lbs of torque in my stock TPI motor?
I dunno, Were you running a stick?

I never had a problem and I know a guy with a Single Turbo Iroc that doesnt have a problem either and hes in the 9s :)
poly tranny mount !!!!

I kept breaking stock mounts with my 89 iroc tpi 350 also..it had 1.80 60 fts but launched pretty hard...wish they had them for the buick(drop in replacement that is)no driveability problems with mine in my IROC & i drove it everyday..felt awesome to me
The differance is the TTA mounts the torque arm to the trans x-member so there is no stress on the tranny mount.

On all other f-cars the torque arm mounts right to the tranny and thats where you get your ripped tranny mount.

On a TTA(or at least my old one)I'd get low 1.6 60fts(best 1.60)with no problems :D
TTA 850

I also have the PA K-Member
(Man that looks good all Red,I had to go with the black,White would've been

I am thinking that the springs are a little on the light side.I believe
they are 180# springs.Have you noticed anything?I had to take out the
aluminum spacers because the car was bottoming the struts out.

Is your car running yet?Also I was wondering if (since you had the
front end off)How much weight can be taken out of the front inner-bumper,how
much do you think it weighed in total?

Good Luck
Looks great so far!

James W
TTA #934
James-I have 200# springs but I can't tell you if they are good or bad yet cause the car is not on the road yet.The up side is they are very easy to change :D

As for the front bumper-a considerable amount can be taken off if your willing to remove it-and the rear while your at it.Probrobly around 70lbs for both-but don't quote me on that I never weighed mine.If my car doesnt go as fast as I want I'm gonna start pulling parts off then,but first I wanna see how fast it will go as is.