Spoolfool2 Promoted to SW Forum Moderator


Staff member
Jul 20, 2001
Dear Members,
Effective immediately, Spoolfool2 has been promoted to South Western Area Moderator. Gary Wells has asked to retire his moderator responsibilities. The board and Staff would like to extend its utmost appreciation to Gary Wells for his dedication and service to TurboBuick.com. Additionally, the board and Staff of TurboBuick.com would like to extend a warm welcome to Spoolfool2. We ask members to welcome and congratulate Spoolfool2 for accepting Moderator responsibilities.
Thanks Gary for your service. Your son Mike will make a good moderator. He is very enthusiastic has done a lot for us in the community . An excellent choice for sure.
Thanks guys. And thank you Gary for over a decade of service to this board. You have some big shoes to fill. You always did your job with wisdom and class. You went above and beyond the call of duty, with your birthday greetings.

Also, your advice on how to get free lunches out of Lou, over the years, has been a blessing during the lean times. I will continue working all the angles you so carefully showed me.;):D

I am truly honored, to be trusted with overseeing the largest geographic section, of the largest and greatest Turbo Buick board on this planet.
It is a task I take very serious. It is my hope that this section will continue, and even expand the brotherhood of these great cars and the people who own and drive them. :)

Happy spooling.

Mike Barnard
Many thanks Joe, Lou, Charlie, & Mike for the props, & many thanks everybody for the opportunity to moderate the great Southwestern Section.
A decade, OMG, why didn't you guys throw me out earlier. How I lasted that long I will never know.
Many thanks to Morgan, Neal, Mike, Lou, & everybody that has helped & worked on my car.

Thanks for your years of tireless service! (y) I know it can get a bit testy in the SW forum from time to time and you did a great job of keeping things civilized when needed. Mike is a great replacement and I'm sure he'll make you proud. :)

We know Gary, dementia and Parkinson's can wreck havoc on ones mind. :p:D

Congrats to mike. :)
I think it was what he drinks rather than the dementia.:ROFLMAO:

With Mike in charge I can just see what will happen in the section. I see Lou finally getting to release the vids he's save of Mike on the goat farm he was using for blackmail now.:eek: And then Mike posting the pics of Lou and the sheep.o_O:LOL: