spoonful fillers


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people; I was just at HywayStars site and they have a video I havn't seen showing the install of SF front fillers. It gives soom more tips on the deal.
his fillers do look nice.
I'd like to see the instal of the rear one pc filler also.
hello; Do I get any credit for getting ful correct. So have you seen the video or any experiance with his product?
Spoolfool is much more than a spoonful of a lot of things. ;)

His fillers are killer. I may have to pick up a back piece for the race car if I ever get it back on the road. Mike is a hell of a nice guy too.
Look up spoolfool on youtube and youll see the videos. I ordered his rear filler and it looks absolutly killer
Thanks guys.:)

For those that haven't seen them. Here's the links to my new front and rear fiberglass bumper filler install videos. Whether you buy mine or someone else's, these videos should cut your install time in half.

Rear one piece fiberglass bumper filler video.

Front fiberglass bumper filler video.

Happy Spooning...