Spot weld cutter


May 25, 2001
Been looking in Eastwood, and Harbor Freight catologs..Not exactly sure what the diference is between the diff styles..
I am assuming when remvoing panels, I only want to cut through the first section so and not both panels..Does this dictate the type of cutter you use?
Spot Weld Drill Bit

Any Body Supply Will Carry A Spot Weld Drill Bit,i Will Cut Throgh The First Layer Of Metal First,but You Need To Stop Before It Goes All The Way Through,they Work Very Well(with Practise)
spot welds

buy a rotabroach brand they work great.when doing this take a 1/8"drill bit and slightly drill to leave an impression.then use the rotabroach while putting pressure on it and it will cut right threw the outer panel.the rotabroach is spring loaded,so if your carefull it will only cut threw one layer.
Thanks for the reply guys..I will check my local shop , and look out for that brand and style.
Thanks for the tip on the 1/8 starter hole BigPSI