spotted: gn in colorado springs

V8 Sonoma GT

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Oct 20, 2012
at revoulation performance, twin 77s, ...anybody on here? i snapped a few pics...


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That's my GN! It's got a 109 in it now the DUTT motor was way too much for the street I also pulled off the chute and bars. I need some local GN help anyone in the springs that can help out would be awesome


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Hey 5280GN. My prob is I got the car half tuned in TX. So now it's running very rich. I don't know where to decrease the gas. Also I'm only turned up to 15psi so it seams the chip is trying to adjust spool fuel. I'm wishing someone could come help me make a few adjustment. I can drive to Denver too far on the race rear end.

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I haven't used the SD1 before but I think I can help you out with some of the tuning.
I would highly suggest going with the SD2, especially with a high horsepower set up. Mine was about 95% tuned right out of the box.