Sputters when jab the gas pedal during idle


just a v6
Oct 22, 2008
Car ran fine before the 85 maf went bad. Installed a 86-87 ecm, maf, tt chip, and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator all at once. Adjusted fuel pressure to 43psi line off.

When im idling at a stop light, then give it gas to take off, it sorta bogs down and sputters. But if i slowly accelerate, it takes off fine. Happens only at idling engine speed. Car runs good and accelerates fast otherwise.

I cant afford a scanmaster at the moment, so im trying the best i can do with a digimeter to check things, tps at idle is around .43, have no clue what the iac is set at.
Maybe the MAF, try cleaning it. If that doesnt work try to find a known good one to test it with.