SS Vacuum Block Lines


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May 30, 2001
Maybe jason or someonelse could make up some durable nice looking ss vacuum lines from the vacuum block - maybe even chrome would be nice. the stock ones are ugly and weak.
I agree 100 % but someone more suited to do this kind of work could probably do a better job for cheaper. (we all have our area of expertees)

maybe someone like Classic Tube that advertises in the GSXtra. Their number is 800-882-3711 I will call them today.
I called them and they said they make them. They are not brazed together like the factory ones though. I think they are stainless. they are calling me back with the details.
I've been looking for these for a while now. stainless would be really nice. I dont' know about anyone else, but everytime I pull the upper plenum off, I end up bending/kinking the tube anchored to that pass. side plenum bolt. I'm sure it will eventually split and leak.

Same with me-every time i have to take them off, i feel like they re gonna tear in half- i am definently interested in two sets if classic makes them. maybe we could get a group purchase if enough members are interested.i know there are alot of good looking motors out there that could only look and work better with a set of these. thanks Jason for input and effort.
Will someone let me know if this takes off?
Conrad Carter