Stage 2 153 On-Center block ready to go fully machined! $3k


Oct 18, 2003
Bushings on the drivers side are done. (Thank you) but now I’ve got a bigger problem. The number 6 behind the passenger wheel won’t come out. I’m guessing that the t nut broke because all it does is spin. Now what do I do?
cut a hole in trunk floor above the bushing ..
you can spray nutbuster and use a crowbar to hold the plate while you try to zip the bolt out
doing bushings on old cars especially northeast rust belt cars sucks
That’s what I had to do,both sides. Cut three sides bent up channel locked and got bolts out. Had to do something else also to get them back in and tight but forget what. Bent flaps back and covered with carpet. You’ll love the upgrade but is a real pain in the ass sometimes.