Stage 2 block, 197????


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May 25, 2001

Who has seen, or knowledge of a stage 2 block, on center with front and rear cross bolted caps other than a 153?????
Is it a short deck block? Does it have siamese lifter bores? From the pics it's hard to tell.

My Indy blocks have close lifter bores I have Indy heads and Indy cranks for sale


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Don't have the answer but from everything I see it looks like a 153

I see the casting has an odd rectangular shape around the last couple of digits of the casting #.

Maybe its a 153 that's that's has something special about the casting
Comparing pictures of your block to my 153 and the only thing I see that looks a little different is maybe the machining of the lifter bores. Could be the picture but it looks like your bores are moved off to one side of the casting compared to mine
My best guess is that it's a 153 casting with relocated lifter bores for use in the Indy program with the square port heads that Rollie showed in his post.

I thought about that too but It looks like they are shifted in the opposite direction and the spacing is wider than the Indy configuration. Maybe measure the spacing and more pictures straight over the lifter bores
They ran a few different lifter configurations on the Indy engines. There was one version with siamese lifter bores where the lifters were keyed as an anti rotation feature. This is like the first pic Rollie posted. There is a 2nd version that ran siamese lifter bores with a link bar set up but they were limited on lift due to the short link bar. Maybe this is the last version where they split the difference between the siamese lifter bores and the stock lifter location.


Full height pan rail, both banks lifter bores, spacing right at 1 5/8”. I set in a pair of standard link bar lifters for Buick and fit was correct.
That looks better. In post 6 the bores appeared to have been shifted by a significant amount.

If they are truly in the stock location I haven't found anything different other than the 2 holes around the expansion plugs from my 153.

Very interesting piece 😎
Looking forward to finding out more
If you look at my third pic you can see in the front cam bearing area there is a key way / groove cut for oil transfer. The rear has a similar notch also.
I’m in the thinking it’s a 153 with a few extras, but why change the casting number?
I’ll put up a couple new pics of cam bearing areas.
It'll be interesting to see what style/size cam bearings it's set up for. What's the cylinder bore size
1 is 3.965
The other has been rough bored to 3.995
Both never been run, or finished.

I’m under the impression a standard bearing for a production engine will work. Have not verified yet.