Stage II head questions??


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I am just beginning my plan to move to a Stage II engine. So any help would be very much appreciated.

Of you guys running Stage II heads, which are the preferred head? Iron or aluminum? Are there any pros or cons between the two? Other then the weight advantage of the aluminums.

Although I'm new to the Stage stuff,I'm gonna say that it would be aluminum.Lower detonation chances under boost,easier repair.I say this based on what I've seen of the turbo Stage cars,and my years of involvement with races cars in general.
The aluminum heads went through some revisions to chambers and ports that I don't think the iron heads benefitted from. The aluminums were also cast with smaller ports to allow more latitude to the porter. With as many sets of nice CNC'ed aluminum S2s as are out there, I wouldn't bother with the irons, personally.
Are most of these heads already ported since they were in use with race teams? The CNC'ing was that done by the race teams? Or by vendors and such for our applications? I want to go with Stage II heads for my build-up, I'm looking for the best avenue to take for aquiring a good set. This is a constant learning process.

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