stageright question?


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I am going to install a new stageright system in the tranny this spring. was wondering if it is going to change the performance of the tranny like harder shifts or the shift points and is there anything else i should consider doing to the tranny with this mod..thanks:cool:
I did a Stageright for Jay Glew up there in Albq and he should be able to show you what it does (if you know him). It does not change shifting characteristics of the trans. I have one in my 85 and have absolutely no complaints with it. I am also not making "gobs" of torque with the fastest being a 14.136@106 so far.


I just saw jay at a stoplight the other day in his gn and he didn't tell me about the stageright;) but i will hook up with him later this week and ask him how it works out. By the way you must be the tranny guy down in cruses that Lincoln Belt was telling me about you did a tranny for him a while back. Are you the same guy:confused: .if so what do you charge to install the stage right and a 13vane pump kit? i wil be heading down to deming sometime soon and will try to drop my trans off. if you could let me know thanks:cool:
I'd also like to know how much for a complete rebuild. 132,xxx miles is taking its toll on my 200R4! Maybe Botlfed can drop off mine when he drops off his?;)
Yuppers, that's me. I have one of Lincs trannies here right now, but I am not sure how soon he is going to want it. It will go into the '59 I think. I am the guy with the Dr Pepper T and there are some pics of the car on Greg Wentz' site so you know who to look for. ; ) I go up to Albq once in a while, but I haven't made it up there in quite a while now. If you want to email me privately, I can give you prices on anything you want done to the trans. My emails are:,, take your pick. I check them on a regular basis.