Stall speed and T64E turbo


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Nov 20, 2003
I just bought a T64E off a board member and currently have an Art Carr 9" 3000-3200 n/l converter in my tranny with a B&M shift kit. I have the usual upgrades from Walbro 340 hotwired, 3" THDP, 2.5" ATR SS exhaust, LT1 valve springs, dual roller timing chain, stretch stock location intercooler with Dutt neck, 4" big mouth, etc. Stock heads and cam.

How bad is the spoolup going to be with my current n/l converter? I would rather have a lu converter but I bought the car this way. I guess I will try the turbo with my converter and go from there. If I feel I need a higher stall I think I will pull out the tranny and convert it back to a lu.

I am going to be ordering an extender extreme chip and T+ go be installed at the same time as the turbo as well. I am going to try some of the 57lb injectors because I don't plan on pushing this car much lower than mid 11's.

Anybody have any experiences with this turbo and around a 3000 stall just so I might know what to expect?

I don't have any experience with that turbo but here's a suggestion for what it's worth.

If you aren't happy with the way the turbos spool with your converter you may want to play with the chip first. It seems like a lot of people make a modification and just live with the results without tweaking things for best performance.

I was able to knock more than a half second off my spool up time when I switched to a TE62 by tweaking fuel and timing below stall speed. If you have a friend that burns chips you might want to ask him for a little help. If not, most of the chip burners seem more than willing to work with a customer to get things right. I've seen some instances where a customer will try a chip, record a Direct Scan run, send it the chip and the DS file back to the chip guy who makes some changes and sends a new chip back to the customer.

Even minor changes (Cold air kit, better exhaust, etc...) can benefit from some fine tuning in the chip. A turbo swap really should be accompanied by some tuning to get the most out of the upgrade.

Charles Brooks