stalls on hard acceleration


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Dec 27, 2003
87 turbo T ( pretty much stock ) always stalls under any hard acceleration.
what could be causing this? any ideas would be gladly appreciated :biggrin:

there is many reasons, which can cause the problem your car has: ignition module or coil pack, low fuel pressure, MAF is going bad,,,

I suppose that the plug wires and plugs are good, so start with checking the grounds and positive cables in the engine compmartment and also that the battery and charging voltage is good. If ok, measure the fuel pressure. If ok, borrow an functionig MAF sensor and test. If no changes, borrow an functioning Coilback/igniton module and test.
pretty much to the point.

Curious do the MAF's for these cars have a high rate of failure? I never understood why some use MAF vs speed density. Cost:????

they are prone to fail. You propably don´t find a good reman MAF unit and AC Delco has not manufactured them for years. I don´t know the prices for reman units in USA, maybe 80 USD. I live in Finland.

Please go with MaftPro(using MAP- sensor) bypassing MAF or for instance Impala MAF and Translator+, If your MAF is bad. You will find the alternatives mentioned in Fullthrottlespeed pages.

Actually, I wasn´t sure, what you ment that stalling....

But anyway, please scheck first the possible problems in wiring and fuel pressure and borrowing good known parts if possibly to avoid unnecessary purchases.
can you offer a clearer definition of "stalling". do you mean, when you floor it, the engine responds for a second and then lays down. does it not respond at all w/boost? could it be an over-boost condition? maybe the tps is worn? :confused: do you have a scan tool?
thanks for all the replys.
yes... thats what i get..... engine reponds for second and then lays down.
i will check out these tips this weekend. :)