Started a 'Go Fund Me' for a GN for my father and I.

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A Go fund me account for a GN... lmao

Well hell they are put on FB for just about everything else so why not? If your dumb enough to give to them, then you deserve what you get.

There is a local news story a guy in a wheel chair got hit by a F150 crossing the street and the truck took off and he may lose his legs. He could walk but not real well I forget the disease the news said he had? But anyway there are two "go fund me accounts" on FB one them is up to 21K and the other 5K. It looks like the 5K one may be fraud?
Oh, dear lord.

You really did this? Really?
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No doubt. Just happened a few days ago. The family started the fund that was up to 21K. His so called fiancee started the other and his family is claiming fraud.
Around here those who stand at intersections with signs make out pretty good. Hmmm, I would like some paint work done on my T this summer, if anyone wants to contribute let me know:]
The OP needs to get a JOB!

FIXED!! :oops:
At my age, everyday is a mental challenge. Yesterday, it was math!:D:p
The OP has been here for 11 days, and has 267 messages and 81 "likes"......
rather than making an average of 24 post a day, he needs to get a JOB!
Shows Jan 2016 not 17?

No trees were harmed in the sending of this message, however, a significant number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
The OP has been around for the last year plus.

He's all-right. Just not where he wants to be at this time.
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