Started a 'Go Fund Me' for a GN for my father and I.

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The OP has been around for the last year plus.

He's all-right. Just not where he wants to be at this time.

We all have issues, it's just that most of us don't put them waaaaaayyyyyy out there for all to see...........

I feel for him, honestly........... BUT.......... there's a line where upon it goes just a wee bit too far.

Or, in this case, WAAAAYYYY to far.

Jus' sayin'.

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Snowflake must have thought he was entitled to it!! Everybody gets a GN!!

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I may get in trouble for this. However, please forgive me as this post sums the op perfectly.


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Hes on his way to RCG for an interview. SMH. Maybe RC will just give him a car.

I saw that! And man am I scared of that!! Wonder how long it will be before his back issues start again and he will need workman's Comp (in less than 90 days)?

I guess the fact that it is all documented on here might save the day for them though!

Nothing but blue sky's here,,,,, "twilight zone song playing in the background!"

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Dying over here!

My guess is that he wants to be legit and he's tired of people pointing out the fact that his opinion is worthless since he doesn't own, has never driven nor ridden in a Turbo Buick before! Kind of seems odd to me! I mean researching the market (after three years) must mean mommy isn't ready to buy junior a Turbo Buick. Maybe it just too fast for him??

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I promise I'll try and stop after this, however, aren't there forum rules against solicitation / prostitution? And if you take this post and add it to the countless (and I do mean countless) "For Sale" posts that this gentleman has gone in and demeaned, demoralized, downed or otherwise impugned? Then at what point does it become "Too Much" ? Meaning that nuisance removal would be in order?

I hate to remind everyone here that after what like two years of this stuff that this gentleman does not own, nor has driven or even ridden in a Turbo Buick (go check his posts I'm not pulling your leg)! So why is that in this great forum of ours that he is allowed to continue to roll over the rolls, troll good honest members / sellers, offer unsolicited advice about items he clearly has no clue about (HES NEVER EVEN RIDDEN IN A TURBO BUICK)??? And knowing all of that it would seem to me that some moderator somewhere would have to see his posts and think of grade school (finger nail dragging on the old chalk board), right?

If I were a forum outlaw then his very presence would make me feel more comfortable. In that, I would know based upon his existence that there isn't much that I couldn't get away with. But alas I'm not so it bothers me to see this type of garbage.

With regards to my use of the term "Gentleman" here? Please know that I am using the term loosely for the benefit of those who shall we say afflicted with political correctness? That and I'm trying to obey the rules!!

Honestly I'm not an ugly / violent person. However, if I had been one of the for sale posters that he violated forums rules on then we (he and I) would have to come terms very, very quickly! I'm just saying is all!!
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