Starter wiring issue?


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Hey fellas I'm having an issue and maybe I'm over looking something? I just connected my electrical system after an engine and harness swap. Everything appears fine until I turn the key to crank the engine, it cranks fine but will continue to crank even with ign in off position and key out. I've triple checked grounds, and connections at the starter solenoid, even removed the starter and bench tested which seems to operate normal. I disconnected the theft relay and checked for 12v at the crank signal wire (purple one off of ign switch) and has 12v only when in crank position as normal but while its connected and cranking it has constant voltage even with ignition off. Almost seems as the length of the purple wire down to the starter maybe shorted to power however if you reconnect the battery it doesn't crank unless you turn the key, then it just continues to crank until you disconnect the battery. Has anyone experienced this, or have any ideas on what I could be missing here?

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My car did that a few years back,I had to disconnect the battery to get the starter to disengage.
I replaced the solenoid,and it's been fine ever since.
It seems the terminals and the contactor plate were sticking together under the high current conditions of starting the engine.
Problem solved, I swapped out the solenoid and presto- fixed. Thanks Turbotre

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