Starting to think Morels like a little more preload than suggested

Is there a way to adjust the preload on the stock-style shaft mount rockers other than longer pushrods?
I haven’t read entire post so it may have already been mentioned....anyway Yes there is. Can use a shim under rocker shafts also. But you will also want to check to make sure you still have good rocker to valve stem alignment. The stock style rocker arms does give a little wider contact area than a roller rocker does.
In addition to the above post I recently had a chance to listen to a friend's car with stock rockers and Morels. He purchased three sets of pushrods to acquire the desired preload (mix and match do to stack up). The valve train is incredibly quiet in his car.
No two rockers are the same, this also includes wear on the shafts and the contact point of the rocker itself. Overall height of the valve itself due to wear or recession into the head all are part of stack up
I've found a wave washer that's suppose to be on a chebby distributor is just the ticket to keep a cam sensor as quiet at possible.
I've found a wave washer that's suppose to be on a chebby distributor is just the ticket to keep a cam sensor as quiet at possible.

I've actually chucked three sensors up in my lathe to duplicate the noise. I was curious if it was lateral or vertical movement causing the ticking and found something that may be worth posting in an entirely different thread.
It's vertical movement up and down. Once you're off idle and spinning ther'e less time between power pulses on the timing chain and the oil pump loads the gear against the cam gear.

When they start to get too much clearance, idle is when they start making noise first. And the rougher running the car, the sooner/worse the more noise.

It doesn't help that the reluctor wheel is basically a speaker diaphragm too.
Quite a few Buick V8 guys (me included) have had noise and oil pressure issues with Morels, we've switched to Johnsons.
The Morels took FOREVER to pump up, or they would pump up then bleed down and be noisey.
Axles walking out also.
The Johnsons are more money and higher quality, but they're worth it:LOL::LOL::LOL:
Buick V8s use SBC lifter bore spacing?
The link bar has a slot in one end.
Also on the Johnsons website, the 2112 SBR lifters ( Small Block Reduced Travel) show an unshrouded wheel (Chevy style) these lifters came in that box, but have a full shrouded wheel designed for the Buick lifter galley.
I ordered these from TA, Johnsons were 625.00, the Morels I paid 433.00
When I called Johnson and talked to an engineer he gave me the same part # 2112 for the Buick.
I should also add that when I installed the Johnsons and ran the oil pump with the drill, oil was oozing out the pushrod cup seat as it should.
With the Morels, I wasn't getting ANYTHING, hence the reason for noise:poop:
The Morels are on the left, Johnson on the right.
Notice the Johnsons machined body is twice as high above the oil band than the Morels.
The oil hole on the Johnsons is on the side
Notice the Johnsons machined flat right above the oil band for the oil hole, this hole is exposed 100% to oil flow from the lifter galley, so they fill with oil and stay filled
The Morels hole is only 50% exposed, which is maybe why Morel doesn't recommend heavier oils.
IMG_3763 (1).JPG
Interesting nuance info posted about the difference. Thanks Buick Mark.
Your welcome, I saw this thread and BAM, the Turbo Buick guys are having issues too with Morels.
The roller cam and lifters in my '87 GN are from PTE, don't know what brand lifters they are but they're quiet, Don't even know if PTE is still in business, I bought the roller back in early 2000, after the cast "budget" roller fiasco!
These pics are of the rollers in my '71 GS 350