Steering Column Swap


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Jun 27, 2002
Has anyone had experience replacing an entire steering column? If so, any good place to go for instructions? Most diagrams i've seen only cover the breakdown, and not the actual process of removing the entire unit. thanks in advance.
It's pretty straight forward. Unbolt the shaft where it go's into the u-joint in the engine compartment and take the cotter pin out where the shift bar ataches to the column. (that's right next to the u-joint) After that take off the plastic trim panel below the column inside the car. Unplug as many of the plugs as you can (the ones that go to the column, not just any random one) and unbolt the column where it meets the floorboard (three bolts) and just over midway to the stearing wheel (two bolts) and it should pretty much fall out. After that finish unpluging it and take it out. Installation is the reverse of removal. Oh yeah, first thing disconect the negative terminal of the battery. :D