Still running!


Sep 23, 2006
Managed to make it to E-town this past Sunday. The hi-miler managed a few 12-teens with a best of 12.018@113.14. I think the ECM is about to dump, whenever the passenger compartment gets hot the car starts shutting down and the ECM data goes crazy. Going to wrap a heating pad around the ECM to see if I can duplicate the problem under more controlled conditions.
wow so close to an 11. im sure u can taste it. whats your 60 foot times looking like?
You are so right! I'm bound and determined to make a pass in the 11's before I put on the T61 BB and Cotton's FMIC. Was running a little rich, (10.3) and the 60's were about .1 slower than previous bests in the 1.65 range.
ECM is sitting on a heating pad right now, waiting for the failure/running problem to reappear.