stock 92 Park Ave Ultra... what to do first??



I have a 92 Park avenue Ultra with the SC. The car is already fast, but I want to build a killer sleeper. What is everyones suggestions on the best mods to do? Does someone make an intake kit or pulleys? I am going to have custom exhaust put on, most likely with Flowmaster 50 series mufflers (don't want it to be loud). I have no idea what aftermarket products there are out there for the earlier 3.8L S/C, so please help me out. Thanks
Since you have a series I, most series II mods won't work. The 91-93s had 205hp, the 94-95s had 225hp. This is because they went to a special coating on the rotors, they also went to a larger pulley. So the ideal set-up is a 94-95 supercharger with a 91-93 pulley. Otherwise the usual exhaust and intake should help alot. Since the Series II guys have tranny problems and they have alot stronger trannies, I'd suggest a tranny cooler with any mods too.

One more thing, RAT, I think had a power pakage for the series I, not sure on the website.

hope this helps,
I have a 94 3800SC with a 92 pulley in my 86 Ciera GT. I advanced the timing some but I can't go much over 14 degrees at WOT without an intercooler (unlikely) or water.

I ordered the Aquamist II system. Hopefully I can get into the 18 degree range. It's amazing what 2 degrees does on these engines. I took out much of the shift torque on 1->2, but it hits pretty hard.

The 4T65E rating is the same as the 4T60E according to GM.

The only option for us S1 folks is the U-van 4T60EHD with 3.43 final drive.
Just wondering have any of you guys tried to put a K+N cone filter and ram air on your SC3800's?