Stock Block Stroker Motor


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Jun 28, 2001


Cruz Performance built 109
Wide journal stroker crank
H beam rods
Custom pistons
Custom roller cam
GN1 race ported heads and intake
Custom Champion spacer
T&D rockers
95 lb injectors
DLS front cover
Mezierie electric water pump
MSD distributor
BHJ balancer
BIllet throttle body

Headers and turbo not included
Valve covers in pic not included, I will replace with new black TA covers


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I'm going to take a break. Not sure what direction I'll go in the future.
Ck To. P.

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Wish you luck, always looked forward to seeing your car run in BG.... Turn it back to a driver you can go anywhere in with the family...

Thanks, I doubt I'll take it back to a street car tho. It's pretty far gone for that.