Stock GN WHEELS ??


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Jun 2, 2002
Can the stock GN rims be rechromed?

I have one that has lifted the chrome (peeling off)
way deep in about the size of a 25 cent coin.
Since the area is difficult to get at can these
wheel resto places fix?
or would it be better to shop for just 1 replacement rim.
Check out the Restoration board. BWEAVY has found a place that is redoing the GN wheels. If you don't want to go that route, you can have wheels rechromed although it's not cheap.
I didn't notice you were local...You might want to give Rim Pro a holler. I believe they are in Woburn, MA. They fixed one of my bent wheels once on my Z28 and I know they do refinishing. Sorry I don't have a number handy, but 411 can fix that ;)
My friend PRONTO had rim pro do his TRANS AM wheels. DAM they came out great.

I will stick with Bweavy seems like an honest vendor & I would rather givea TB Brother buisness
Let me tell you first hand that Bweavy is the man!!!
He has helped me so much with my "restoration." I can't thank him enough! One of the greatest vendors we have. Don't hesitate to give him a try.
just to add to the discussion
any rim can be chromed/rechromed, but keep in mind a gn rim came with black on the "spokes" i have seen pics of gn's with all chrome rims and it looks lame in my opinion, so you still have to figure out how to get the black portion re-"blacked"

or you can do what i did and powdercoat the whole rim black :p

no worries on brake dust damage, plus it just looks EVIL!

my .02
Dan the correct black paint layout is powder coated on these wheels to prevent the flaking & wearing off like they do from the factory.Like you said anyone can rechrome or powder coat a set.I have 1 customer that had the whole set of rims done in black,well he likes it.
Thank's for the kind words guys!
brian, you telling me you had a customer powdercoat his gn rims all black? who is the person and when did he do it? if you dont want to give me his email give him mine

i did it 2 years ago cause i wanted an all black car and now my plates read EVILGN to match the look of the car

next project is to P-coat a set of drag lites all black and do the same

anyone want a set of 4 black GN rims??????
Dan, Rikki did it 3 years ago.Not sure how long ago you did yours.
He is in the Army stationed up here in Aberdeen.I know he has the pics of his car with the rims on it.
I'll forward you his e-mail when I talk to him.

Now I have to unload all these rims & get some pics up.They turned out pretty nice.Some centers were redone & some weren't.
15" X 10"s look impressive as do the 6".I'm going to hate mounting tires on them LOL.
I should have pics up on my site later tonight. Check them out.
Gotta get prices together shipping on the 10's isn't going to be cheap.