Stock rear shoulder belts.

Working on the brackets to reinforce the rear package tray. The belts will fasten there and I'm trying to make them adjustable enough for small frame children as well as adults.
This requires a lot of thought and design. These will be very important and I will not sell any product that is not seen as extremely high quality just to make a buck.
Thank you
@ Coach Any updates?
I am moving forward with my kit for 2 rear shoulder belts for G-Body cars. These will be a 3 point harness on a retractor and not the 4 point system I was developing. The 3 point system was pre-approved by my belt manufacturer. I have been in contact with Spoolfool to begin construction of a new mold for a Custom Rear Package Tray so the retractors will be hidden and will maintain a very neat and factory appearance. The new rear package trays will be covered in the same lightly padded material used on the headliners and NOT the factory carpet/ felt garbage the factory used. Since I am Coach's Custom Parts....I decided this because I detest that useless material they chose to use. I like the look better with the padded material and "Custom" is my middle name.
I talked to Spoolfool this afternoon and we feel that these kits will be available by Bowling Green. I'll have a better idea on pricing once I get a few quotes for the fiberglass mold and the reinforcement plates I'll need to bolt the retractor into the steel shelf in the speaker area. This new rear package tray will be split in two pieces for cheaper shipping and once installed, the Third brake light will almost hide the entire seam. If we leave it one piece as factory....the shipping will be 3 times as much to ship the entire kit.

These will be available in ALL BUICK INTERIOR COLORS. ( My biggest problem is the Factory Buick Gray webbing is not available from my manufacturer. I have a few that are close to choose from or I have black...which looks great on the GN seats)

I'll have regular updates and will offer a Pre-order Sale Price for Bowling Green.

Please post up here if your seriously interested in these. This will be an expensive adventure and Spoolfool will probably make 50-100 rear package please let me know.

Post any questions here.

Thank you
Hi Coach,
I have a 4 year old and a 8 month old. Will these new seat belts work with their car seats?
Thank you and thanks for doing this!!