stock turbine housing


Aug 10, 2003
Well I took my headers off to install copper gaskets and my turbine housing threads for the downpipe came out when I pulled off the DP. Also I noticed that one of the bolt hole for the DP go all the way through into the turbine wheel area. When I blow air through the bolt hole with an air gun it comes out the exhaust port. Where can I get a stock replacement turbine housing? Or is there an upgrade turbine housing that will fit the stock turbo?
Off subject from the housing but my 2 cents is dont put those copper gaskets on. I have never had a pair seal on ANY of my cars. Use Felpro 1400's for your 3.8. Get them from Jegs or Summit.
PTE or Limit Engineering might have a good condition used stock turbine housing for you. If you call PTE, ask to speak to Jim in repairs. If you call Limit, you will probably speak to Chopper. Either of them should be able to help.
The stock turbine housing has been discontinued from Garrett for a long time now.
Hope this helps.