stock turbo


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people: I have not been driving my TB this summer, but I found in my driveway a small badge. It says factory rebuld with a serial number and other numbers. I bought my 86 T from the orignal owner and he never mentioned that. Any of yuoz have a badge anywhere on your stock turbo? I wonder if I could trace the S/N? Just for fun.
on the compressor side backplate, there is a small rectangle cast that would accept the factory Garrett tag and the "Rebuilt for General Motors" tag. an aluminum tag...use a dab of aviation permatex - the tar-like stuff - to re-attach.
Garrett nameplate_25527600 - Rebuilt for GM.JPG
hello people: That's it. So does that mean it was new or rebuilt?
Maybe it was a warranty replacement? Do you have any of the old service records?
It was not uncommon to replace the turbos under warranty. The original owner might not have even realized they did it. I worked at a parts store back in the day that delivered to a local GM dealer and I was friends with the mechanics. I wound up with a perfectly good original TTA turbo for just the core charge when it was replaced under warranty. The fact there was a core charge indicates they did rebuild them.